Thursday, March 02, 2006

Marvel animation and movie speculation

  • In addition to Ultimate Avengers, Cartoon Network will air two other Marvel direct-to-DVD animated releases, Ultimate Avengers 2 and Iron Man. A statement from Cartoon Network made no mention of Marvel and Lionsgate's fourth confirmed animated feature, Doctor Strange, which probably will not see it's DVD release until early 2007. Cartoon Network also will air the original movie Teen Titans Tokyo, based on the recently canceled DC Comics TV series Teen Titans.

  • Dimension Films has purchased the rights to the superhero-parody spec script Comic Book: The Movie, which is funny given that (1) Dimension's parent company has already released a Mark Hamill-helmed mockumentary also called Comic Book: The Movie, and (2) Dimension is already producing a superhero-movie parody film, titled Superhero!, from the makers of Scary Movie 3. There is speculation that Dimension will combine the two parody projects, although I think it may be that Dimension wanted simply to buy out the competition.

  • Assuming V for Vendetta is a hit, the film's (nominal?) director, James McTeigue, wants a shot at adapting another Alan Moore graphic novel, Watchmen.
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