Saturday, March 11, 2006

Alan Moore, Alan Moore, dum dum dum dum dum

The more news outlets like The New York Times report on Alan Moore and his various fights with DC Comics, Hollywood, and his barber, the harder it is for me to sympathize with Moore. The Times quotes Moore's V for Vendetta collaborator David Lloyd:
Mr. Lloyd, the illustrator of "V for Vendetta," also found it difficult to sympathize with Mr. Moore's protests. When he and Mr. Moore sold their film rights to the graphic novel, Mr. Lloyd said: "We didn't do it innocently. Neither myself nor Alan thought we were signing it over to a board of trustees who would look after it like it was the Dead Sea Scrolls."

And then there is Paul Levitz's response to Moore's recent demand that DC remove his name from all future editions of his DC Comics works:
DC ... said it would be inappropriate to take Mr. Moore's name off of any of his works. "This isn't an adaptation of the work, it's not a derivative work, it's not a work that's been changed in any fashion from how he was happy with it a minute ago," said Mr. Levitz.

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