Sunday, March 05, 2006

Comic book villains

The comic-book store I frequent in Athens, Ala., was burglarized late Friday or early Saturday, with the thief (or thieves) taking several Golden and Silver Age comic books, including two early issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, as well as both boxes and single cards of Magic: The Gathering:
ATHENS --— A sweater that helped someone break into a comic-book store could help Athens police catch criminals.

Sgt. Trevor Harris said someone broke into All Star Comics on Jefferson Street in downtown Athens between 11 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. Saturday.

Harris said the thief wrapped the sweater around his hand to break a window and unlock the back door.

Investigators believe more than one person was involved, he said.

The thieves took thousands of dollars worth of merchandise but left the sweater at the back door.

The medium-size black sweater has a white stripe, and the brand name is Sonoma.

"Because of the size, we think it's someone younger," Harris said. "It's someone that's been in the store before. They went for something specific and knew the interior of the store."

Harris said they took comic books and collectors' magazines that cost hundreds of dollars each.

They stole about 100 Magic trading cards worth $4 to $12 each. Harris said Magic is a card game, "similar to Pokemon but for older kids."

The owner still was compiling a list of missing items Saturday evening, so Harris said he did not have an estimated value of the stolen merchandise.

"We figure they want to sell the items since they went to this much trouble," Harris said.

Anyone who recognizes the sweater, saw anyone around the store after hours, or has other information can call (256) 233-8700 and ask for an investigator.

Obviously, comics dealers in Alabama and surrounding states should be on the lookout for anyone trying to unload Golden and Silver Age comics on the cheap. I'll post a list of the missing books when and if I get one.

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