Saturday, February 25, 2006

Taking the Big Apple

The New York Times visits New York Comic-Con. I love how the Times tries to sum up Marvel and DC's latest high-profile projects:
In "Civil War," the heroes are engaging in a debate over whether to register as government operatives; "Infinite Crisis" involves galactic warfare.

Of course, this is the same newspaper that gave us Jayson Blair, so what do you expect?

On the other hand, this is what Marvel and DC get for returning to continuity-heavy crossover "events."


  1. Did the Times get anything factually wrong in those descriptions? Near as I've been able to figure out, Infinite Crisis does indeed involve intergalactic warfare, among other things. What those other things are is probably only of interest to fans.

  2. Saying Infinite Crisis is about an intergalactic war is like saying Star Wars is about droids. Yes, there are droids in Star Wars, but it isn't really about droids.