Friday, February 17, 2006

Death be not fantastic

Joe Quesada tells us to expect two members of the Fantastic Four to take a dirt nap, as in "these people actually die," which is a problematic statement given how we're not talking about people at all but characters -- characters at a publisher that is known for resurrecting the dead on about a quarterly basis (e.g., Bucky).


  1. When I run that statement (the "two FF members will die" one) through my "Joe Quesada BS Filter" I get "Crystal, She-Hulk and Wyatt Wingfoot fans had best prepare for a shock!"

  2. Isn't Wyatt already dead?

  3. Willie Lumpkin should be making plot arrangements for himself, since nobody else will do it...

  4. Isn't Wyatt already dead?

    That's "Old Marvel" thinking. This is the new, improved Joe Quesada Marvel, where just because a character is already dead, that doesn't mean they can't kill him again.

    Only those 15 dateless nerds on the internet with comics blogs care about continuity anymore...